Here are the facts about email marketing:

  • 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices.
  • 74% of professionals say personalized emails increase customer engagement rates.
  • Emails are 40 times more effective when it comes to getting new customers compared to Social Media.

Many companies make the mistake of ignoring the possibility of email campaigns when they become enamored with the new social media platforms and the potential therein, but they’re missing out on one very important factor: Nearly everyone that is regularly online also has an e-mail account that they check regularly.

That means that every customer and client that’s interested in your product or service has an e-mail account, and it’s one that they’re checking as often as ten or more times a day depending on the type of account and the nature of their incoming emails.

For businesses that want a very effective and ROI-safe form of marketing, email marketing is proven to be one of the best available. Mightus Media can help your business to craft effective, educational, and even entertaining email marketing campaigns that won’t end up in someone’s spam filter.

Customized, Personalized, and Optimized

The key to a powerful email marketing campaign is to know your audience; visitors who are more likely to respond to email marketing may be those that are looking for promotional information, while others may be interested in new releases regarding products or services that your business is rolling out.

With email marketing, you have the ability to both promote your company, and to improve your engagement rates by staying in the minds of past and potential customers interested in your particular service or product.

  • Triggered Campaigns: Not every email campaign is about mass mailing; Mightus can craft triggered campaigns and messages that only activate after a customer makes a purchase, signs up for information about specific details like appearances, meetings, or conventions, and can help your business to run all of these different conditional campaigns simultaneously.
  • Engaging Copy: The bodies of the email themselves can be crafted by Mightus Media to distribute all of the information that you want the receiver to know, including insightful text that doesn’t waste time getting to your core message.
  • Website and Social Media Integration We can also link your email campaign to your site and your social media presence through links, promotions, and other tools, all with the effort to create a sustainable ecosystem of traffic and engagement that utilizes all of your company’s online assets in harmony.

Email marketing is one tool that businesses can use to both gather new customers, and engage loyal consumers, but it is also proven to be one of the most effective at your disposal. To get the most from it, you need professional marketers that know how to make it worth your time and money.

Mightus Media’s team of email marketers are here to help. Just contact us today for a quote on your email marketing campaign, and we’ll put you on the road to better results.