Businesses thrive on their local economies. Whatever your industry may be, your business could be as much as 80% to 90% reliant on repeat customers, all of which require engagement efforts.

Gaining new customers and clients to convert into long time customers and clients is also important. With focused, accurate, and entertaining paid media advertisement opportunities, including video production, audio work, and more, you could tap into new audiences and markets, expand into new parts of your local economy, and reach out to more businesses than ever before.

Get What You Pay For



Radio, Television, and More

Reach your primary base of consumers and clients with focused and affordable advertisement campaigns, including radio, TV, and print ad campaigns that stand out from the crowd. Integrate your paid advertisements with your online marketing presence, including social media marketing, and you could reap huge results from very reasonably priced investments.


Local Ads

When you’re focused on running your business, you don’t always have the time to recognize or negotiate great opportunities for your advertising campaign. We’ll keep a close watch on possible venues, seasonal and regional trends, and consumer feedback that can give you a better reception for your advertising.


Geo-Targeted Advertisements

Have a company that’s located in several states, or want to target specific areas for ad campaigns that focus on sports teams, seasonal trends, and more? Geo-targeted advertisements are great for both national and local businesses looking to capture more attention, convert more sales, and generate more leads.


Localized Online Ads

Get more traffic from local internet browsers, and even more importantly, mobile internet users. You could be driving traffic that would otherwise be drawn in by the competition with paid, local online advertisement focusing on specific search results and users that are guaranteed to boost your sales numbers, and your visibility.

Long-Term Success

Just gaining more traffic or sales in a one-time boost isn’t enough. Mightus Media can work with clients for long term gains that continue to provide great results over time. It all relies on building your reputation, providing outstanding campaign management, and taking real world feedback into account while fine tuning and improving your paid ad campaigns.

We never leave anything to chance- Mightus Media gauges local markets where competition may be fierce, and gets statistics and metrics that can inform us of your best entry points, your strongest seasonal strategies, and your most effective and affordable marketing options at the right time.

It’s all done on time and on budget. Working with Mightus Media in the long term can mean continuing to build on that success, and building a solid foundation on which to strengthen your brand and your business. Contact our Paid Ad team today, and find out the How’s and the Why’s.

We’re experienced in working with small businesses and retailers as well. If you’re just starting your business, contact us for a free estimate that can help to start your business off with high momentum, and great results.