Sales funneling is often seen as a matter of math and mechanisms, but in reality, it’s just as much about the finesse and art of salesmanship as anything else. There needs to be a certain level of nuance in the creation and fine tuning of a sales funnel, or you could be missing out on a large portion of potential conversions that would otherwise go ignored.

Our team at Mightus Media will not only help you craft optimized sales funnels that are backed with real world data, but we’ll also help you to develop strategies that can turn those visitors that you don’t convert into proper conversions, with improvements to be made over time that gradually build up the effectiveness of your funnel.

By both creating an effective initial sales funnel, and improving how many visitors your funnel can capture, we make it easy for you to grow a business. Our systems for data tracking give us a much better view of areas where improvements could be made, and our communication with you helps you to stay on top of just how well that funnel is working for your business.

Automation that Works

Another feature of our sales funnel strategy is the use of automation, which can be used in your marketing to constantly deploy content and posts that will keep your presence lively and active. With automation services, we use:



We take a look at the hard numbers and how they translate into real world behaviors and reactions, so that we can continue to improve the accuracy of automation. From timing of posts, to seasonal shifts and trends, we create adaptable automation solutions.


Social Media

When you’re focused on running your business, you don’t always have the time to recognize or negotiate great opportunities for your advertising campaign. We’ll keep a close watch on possible venues, seasonal and regional trends, and consumer feedback that can give you a better reception for your advertising.


Email Marketing

Automated email marketing options ensure that you’re never too far from the minds of your long time customers and clients, without being overbearing and ending up in someone’s spam filter. It’s all about applying just the right amount of communication.


Workflow Optimization

By identifying key areas where attention is needed, and where you’re getting the most from your ROI, we can also create informed priorities on where your automation will give you the best bang for your buck.

When you combine our automation with our sales funneling services, you can create a powerful and supportive system that will help you to convert leads into sales, and improve your retention and engagement rates for customers and clients that rely on your business.

It’s all about coming up with the most effective strategies that can run on schedule, even when your company’s hitting crunch time. Our funnel management systems also make it incredibly simple to track the effectiveness of your current funnel and automation services for yourself, so that you know you’re getting the most for your marketing budget.

Just contact our team today, and learn more about how Mightus Media can create smarter funnels and automation tasks for your business.