If you aren’t visible on the world’s most popular search engines, you’re likely missing out on as much as 90% of potential incoming traffic. Those are pretty huge figures, especially if your business relies on online sales and clientele. Even if you’re in a traditional brick and mortar store, that 90% could be customers in your area that use search engines to find local businesses and services.

Search engine marketing has been a revolutionary leg up for businesses both large and small, and the possibilities are quite impressive for individuals, organizations, companies, entertainers, and political campaigns.

Mightus Media can utilize search engine optimization, Pay Per Click advertising, site benchmarking, and other solutions, all with the goal of helping you to gain a place of prominence on the very first page of results in a search query related to your company.


Get Optimized

An optimized page is about more than just having the right keywords. Your site needs to be error-free, secure, honest, and easy to read. Our optimization services can include making your site more readable, mobile-friendly, faster, and easier to navigate.


Build Real Results

Just driving traffic isn’t going to convert leads into sales; to do that, you need a site that gives users exactly what they’re looking for. We do a deep analysis of your site to determine flows of traffic, conversion rates in terms of time, and heat maps that can show frequently used sections of the site. Find out how users are getting from Google to the checkout, contact page, or other targets that your company wants them to reach.


Continued Improvements

Mightus Media can keep all of your relevant information for media contacts and costs under one account, making it incredibly easy for you to see where your money is going, and giving you control over how your advertising dollars are used.

Search marketing is beneficial for businesses in many different industries. Even nonprofit organizations can benefit from the improved visibility. Many aspects of SEO also cover general usability and quality of life improvements for the site, adding overall improvements that your users will really appreciate.

Mobile Marketing Optimization

If you’ve already got search engine optimization, but haven’t focused on mobile optimization for search engines, now’s the best time to work with Mightus Media. Mobile internet usage is now on the brink of surpassing desktop browsing, making it all the more important to make sure that your site is mobile friendly.

Search engines put a strong priority on sites that are mobile-friendly, or which have a responsive and adaptable design that’s beneficial for mobile users. Let us work with you to make a more mobile-friendly web presence, marketing included. We can work with existing sites, or help to build your site from the ground up with the mobile market in mind.

To learn more about our search engine marketing, our mobile optimization, and our other search engine services, including research and analytics, contact our team today.