Getting a good idea of how the public receives your business can be crucial, and it starts with having a strong social media presence. Just as much a marketing tool as it is a barometer, social media networks can, and often have, provided businesses with a level of insight into the consumer consciousness that can’t be matched. It’s also given businesses the opportunity to engage with current and potential customers, offering information on new products, location openings, and other information that you want people to know.

With our social media management and creation services, Mightus Media can provide you with the powerhouse that is social networking on a much larger scale than you may be able to achieve with your in-house staff. Here’s how it works:


Content Creation

Get regular postings on your social media accounts that will help your presence to stay active, even after you’ve been established. Make sure that you’re on top of the latest social media trends and opportunities, and get genuinely created and researched content that will have a positive reflection on your brand.


Account Management

Respond to questions, keep in line with the latest regulations or suggestions for social media accounts, and make sure that you’re both following and being followed by the right people on a social media network. We work with businesses of every size to manage social media accounts across a multitude of platforms, from Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram and more.


Video Content

With video social media platforms and opportunities, we also give you a much more effective return on your marketing budget. Send videos out over Facebook or Twitter, or create your own social media account on video sharing sites like Google+ and YouTube.


Track Stats

More than just creation and management, we also take the time to research the effectiveness and reach of your social media content and account, including real world numbers and up-to-the-minute analysis of your current standing on social media.

With Social Media management services, you’ll also get continual updates on your account so that you can stay in the loop on important trends that are relevant to your business.

When you combine social media services with search optimization, you’ll get even more benefits– search engines like Google and Bing actually give higher marks and rankings to businesses that have a strong social media presence, including their preferred video content platforms.